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  • Pastries

    Chocolate Croissant – 4 pk


    Our take on this classic french pastry, will take you to Paris! Gluten free flaky laminated pastry rolled around dark chocolate. Have the experience once again of your favorite Chocolate Croissant.

    4 count 

    (Saturday’s Item)

  • Pastries

    Cinnamon Roll – 4 pk


    Are you looking for a doughy, soft, sweet and amazing cinnamon roll? Then you just arrived at the right place. Our Cinnamon Rolls are a brioche dough roll around brown sugar, cane sugar and lots of organic cinnamon powder. You won’t miss a thing!


    Pack of 4

    48 hrs pre-order

  • Pastries

    Croissants – 4 pk


    Croissant lovers! You don’t have to wait anymore. Our classic gluten free croissants are flaky laminated the traditional way. You can enjoy alone or with your favorite sandwich cold cut.

    Count of 4.

    Saturday pick up only

  • Pastries

    Danish – 4 pk


    This multilayered sweet pastry it will make your sweet dreams come true. We top our danishes with different preserves, fruits, custards or streusel. Our flavors may change weekly giving you a variety of delicious fruits.

    Pack of 4

    Saturdays Item

  • Pastries

    Palmiers – 6 pk


    The Palmiers pastry or elephant ear like the French may say are a multilayer puff pastry dough roll in sugar. It creates a beautiful heart shaped, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside Just the perfect gluten free puff pastry cookie.


    Pack of 6

    Saturday Item

  • Pastries

    Vegan Lava Cookie – 4 pk


    If you are big cookie lover then this may be the cookie for you! Filled with fudge icing, top with a pinch of coarse sea salt, chocolate and vanilla icing on top. My favorite gluten free, vegan cookie.

    Pack of 6

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