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  • Breads

    Baguettes – 2 pk


    Delightful artisan gluten-free baguettes. Classic crust and a tender crumb just like a baguette should be! They go well with sweet or savory soft spreads or simply top with garlic, olive oil, a pinch of salt.

    Learn how to handle frozen products,  Instructions In Gallery.


  • Pastries

    Chocolate Croissant – 4 pk


    Our take on this classic french pastry, will take you to Paris! Gluten free flaky laminated pastry rolled around dark chocolate. Have the experience once again of your favorite Chocolate Croissant.

    Learn how to handle frozen products,  Instructions In Gallery.


  • Pastries

    Cinnamon Roll – 4 pk


    Are you looking for a doughy, soft, sweet and amazing cinnamon roll? Then you just arrived at the right place. Our Cinnamon Rolls are a brioche dough roll around brown sugar, cane sugar and lots of organic cinnamon powder. You won’t miss a thing!

    Learn how to handle frozen products,  Instructions In Gallery.


  • Pastries

    Croissants – 4 pk


    Croissant lovers! A new recipe, you don’t have to wait anymore. Our classic gluten free croissants are flaky laminated dough the traditional way. You can enjoy alone or with your favorite sandwich cold cut.

    Learn how to handle frozen products,  Instructions In Gallery.


  • Pastries

    Danish – 4 pk


    This multilayered sweet pastry it will make your sweet dreams come true. We top our danishes with different preserves, fruits, custards or streusel. Our flavors may change weekly giving you a variety of delicious fruits. This week get your 4th of July Very Berry Danish.

    Pack of 4

  • Flour Mixes

    Gluten Free Bread Flour Mix


    Now you can bake amazingly Gluten-Free bread at home with our new Gluten-Free Bread Flour, Free from 8 common allergens, Gluten-Free and dairy-free. Try this flour with our Step By Step Dinner Rolls Recipe. Add the recipe to the cart and checkout to get access to the recipe.

    If you want to use the flour mix for any other bread recipe adapt the liquid in  your recipe with our formulas.  Have fun and share!

    Artisan Bread Formula:

    .75 x amount of flour= liquid for recipe

    For recipes containing eggs:

    .65 x amount of flour= liquid for recipe

  • Breads

    Sourdough Country Loaf


    Eat sourdough bread again! beautiful crust and soft crumb. don’t miss out anymore order today your delicious Gluten free and vegan Country Loaf.

    Ingredients: no gmo flours

    sorgum flour, teff flour, rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, sourdough starter (brown rice, filter water) less than 2%; xantan gum, psyllium husk, sunflower lecithin, organic sugar, olive oil.

    If you choose to freeze this product please follow Instructions found at the gallery pictures.

  • Learn

    Step By Step GF Rolls Recipe

    $4.99 $0.00

    With this gluten-free dinner rolls recipe, you will be able to re-create the signature taste and texture of our famous dinner rolls. We recommend trying this recipe with our gluten-free flour mix for the best results. This is part of a developing project to help you master the art of gluten-free baking at home.

  • Learn

    Step By Step GF Vegan Focaccia Recipe

    $4.99 $1.99

    This Focaccia bread will be one of the best aromas you’ve ever had for an evening dinner. Perfect as a side dish or the perfect base for your homemade pizza. Either way you will enjoy making this bread at home. For this recipe purchase our flour mix for best results. Gluten free, vegan and free from the 8 common allergens.

  • Pastries

    Sunny Pastry Box


    Bring home your gluten free Paris! With our Sunny Pastry Box you will get our top pastries gluten free and dairy free. Starting with croissants, chocolate croissants follow by a seasonal fruit danish and a cheese danish. Trust me, its hard to resist!

    Learn how to handle frozen products,  Instructions In Gallery.

  • Breads

    Vegan Bread Rolls – 8 pk


    Classic bread rolls should never be left out of a dinner table. You can enjoy these in so many ways. Burgers, sandwiches, breakfast with your favorite jam or simply toast them and spread your favorite butter.

  • Pastries

    Vegan Lava Cookie – 4 pk


    If you are big cookie lover then this may be the cookie for you! Vegan cookie filled with fudge icing, top with a pinch of coarse sea salt, chocolate and vanilla icing on top. My favorite gluten free, vegan cookie.

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